Twitter cuts (#17)

Balaji S. Srinivasan on the emerging micro-mediascape:

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Quotable (#40)

From The Abstract Factory:

Towards the end of this Twitter thread sparked by Timothy B. Lee, a commenter writes (by way of defending US ISPs): “Internet speeds have increased 1500% in ten years. 250k Wi-Fi hotspots are now available. That’s progress.”


… a 15x improvement in ten years: that might sound impressive to some people, but all I can think is that ten years equals nearly seven doublings of Moore’s Law and 27 = 128. Network speed doesn’t track transistor density exactly, but computing technology is full of exponential curves like this (storage density, for example, doubles even faster than Moore’s Law). To anyone with a clue about computing technology, 15x in 10 years obviously sounds somewhere between mediocre and lousy. In fact, Nielsen’s Law predicts compound improvement of 57x over 10 years, or nearly 4x the observed improvement claimed by Dietz. When Dietz calls out 15x improvement as a talking point in ISPs’ favor, he is trying to rhetorically exploit an information asymmetry, namely his audience’s presumed ignorance of exponential curves in computing technology.

Therefore, the reality is that US ISPs are badly managed technological laggards, just like everyone thinks.

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Twitter cuts (#16)

If street protest in Hong Kong continues on its present course, a lot of people are going to get hurt, for nothing.

Asking excited students to take a step back, and think, doesn’t have a great track record of success. The alternative, however, is catastrophic. The window of opportunity for sanity to prevail is closing fast.

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Dollar Doom

Even if you find Alex Jones hard to take, this radio interview with James Rickards (about 14 minutes in) is not to be missed. Rickards is promoting his book The Death of Money: The Coming Collapse of the International Monetary System, and makes a convincing case for its basic thesis. Collapse of dollar hegemony is baked into the cake at this point — the only serious remaining questions are about timing and consequence, and Rickards has much of interest to say about both.

Time Cube

Concentrate the crudest intellectual pathologies of time-travel theory, then deduct the time-travel. Augment with free-style Biblical exegesis and gonzo web-page design. Enter the Time Cube. Right now four days are taking place simultaneously, but the powers-that-be are committed to hiding that truth of sacred time geometry from you. As explained to students at MIT (link below): “When you understand this time theory you can answer any other question that comes up in the universe.” (Mind = Blown.)

Urban Future was reminded of Gene Ray’s gnostic time doctrine by this (rather lame) selection of “sinister conspiracy theories” listed by The Independent. Some of the other SCTs are clearly quite gone (“World War II was staged by the illuminati”), but none of them approaches the plane of Ray’s revelation. A small taster (stripped of throbbing font-switches):

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Twitter cuts (#15)

Short, sharp, and shockingly realistic:

The only way this doesn’t occur is for an extremely deep-rooted trend-line to suddenly change shape. It’s possible. Strange things happen (but they’re still strange things).