This tweet storm is pure evil (but fortunately we’re fairly tolerant of such things at this blog).

The point it raises is going to fuel an important argument, down the road. Better to explore it via an appropriately constructed altcoin, and in the market, though, than to wreck Bitcoin in the course of the dialectic. Hard money philosophy is baked into the Bitcoin protocol. If that doesn’t seem like a good idea, the solution is to try something else.

3 thoughts on “Anti-Cap

  1. Menial labor is an ennobling experience. I’ve never felt such a blessed sense of passive fatalism than when scrubbing fridges and selling putrid cheese to a rapidly aging population. Some good news is that I’m basically unemployed for the next week, and if the seven daughters of Phnom will conspire in my favor I plan to spend the time regaining a sense for online currencies, and if that doesn’t pay off, I’m going to trek deep into the death valleys of Kavvoch, where the babies never cease their screaming, and take it upon myself to dig open every possessed treasure of Khun’Vucc!

    … Oh yes, this @twobitidiot, he’s obviously no idiot, so the only explanation is evil. This tweet especially: “At 2% inflation rate, the ownership by large unknown entities gets diluted by half time every 35 years. At 3%, every 25 years.” How can this guy sleep at night? Except I admit he redeems himself quite a lot with this next gem: “And there’s never been a commodity which was controlled by so few people, which was not ultimately taken by force.” Ah! Now there’s an argument! Or wait, is it just a thievish assertion of economic thuggery? …

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