The subtext here is that we’ve scarcely begun talking about acceleration:

Linkedin co-founder Reid Hoffman says the secret of Silicon Valley success is not the startup. It’s the scale-up. […] Over the past 20 or 30 years, he explains, the rest of the world has realized the value of the Silicon Valley-style startup. “We’ve beaten the drum very well — and a lot of people have heard — that it’s good to build a small team that is willing to take a bold risk, to assemble some knowledge and some capital and really take a run at it.” What the rest of the world has yet to grasp, he says, is that success — true success — requires something else. In a modern market accelerated by the long reach of the internet, once you have something that people want, you also need the means and the wherewithal to expand your operation at ridiculously fast speeds.

“What most people don’t appreciate about why so many great companies come out of Silicon Valley is the knowledge of how to do scale-up. It’s not just that you build an app and everything works out,” says Hoffman, a partner with Silicon Valley venture capital firm Greylock. “What first mover means is first mover to scale. If you don’t play the move-fast game, you can frequently lose out to someone who is.” […] Hoffman calls this blitzscaling

(What I especially appreciate about these guys is their extreme sensitivity to any possible accusation of technofascism.)

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