Twitter cuts (#6)

A self-referential cry for help (in case anyone out there has some philosophical house-breaking skills):

UF Restoration

Getting Urban Future onto a stable platform has been a task roughly comparable to the modernization of the Qing Dynasty. I’ve lost count of the upheavals, but there’s been some definite signs of a positive trend … and this time …

So UF 2.1 has been on reliable WordPress software for a while, and has now finally shifted to a host that has demonstrated blog-support capability. With my credibility in the trash, I won’t waste everyone’s time insisting upon how confident I am about the new foundations (but FWIW it’s looking good from this end).

Apologies for the erratic delivery. (Onwards!)


Moving Home

The latest wave of infuriating technical problems with this blog have reached breaking point — even post updates have become impossible due to hosting issues. To resolve these, it’s going to be necessary to switch over to a reliable server, which will inevitably mean some disruption. I’m hoping this can be limited, and that after dealing with the move updates, images, and all kinds of other perfectly normal stuff will become possible. Apologies for the time out.

Acceleration Resources

A set of links to online accelerationist writings is under assembly at the top of this blog. It’s going to thicken up slowly — probably just a new link or two each day — but if there’s anything worthy that you think I’m going to miss, let me know and it will be included eventually.

Putting this up is a vote of confidence from my end that this topic has legs. If it’s going to peak, it won’t be for a while — and even then it will be back. There’s still plenty of theoretical work (and argument) up ahead.