Earlier this week, a Czech citizen named Vít Jedlička declared the creation of a new libertarian micronation on a small plot of unclaimed land between Croatia and Serbia. The Republic of Liberland, as Jedlička calls his new territory, lies on 2.7 square miles of land between Serbia and Croatia, on the western bank of the Danube River, in what is known as the Gornjua Siga region, which lays unclaimed as the two neighboring nations continue to hash out longstanding border disputes. […] Jedlička is far from the only one out there seeking recognition for a micronation, a self-declared sovereign entity, different from recognized microstates. There are over 400 active micronations in the world. Some are just the size of an individual home, while others are larger than existing countries (Liberland itself is on the small side, although larger than Monaco and the Vatican). The microstate concept is so popular that there are how-to guides for creating your own state, and a guidebook to the world’s existing micronations published by Lonely Planet in 2006. Most of these micronations declared their existence and asserted their independence in the 1970s and 1990s, but even today a few pop up occassionally — each with vastly different aims and identities.

No one is under any illusions about the fundamental threat (and thus, by anticipation, obstacle):

If the history of micronations tells us anything, it’s that their survival likely depends on them not rocking the boat—and on no nation deciding to take umbrage with or finding value in the land they’ve claimed. If Jedlička raises too much of a ruckus, his project could easily fall into the same trap as Freedonia or Minerva, invaded or run out of the region. Time will tell whether the idealistic Czech protestor-turned-state builder has the stamina to push the project forwards, and just how willing Croatia and Serbia will be to tolerate his project. […] “The only thing that could stop us is an army,” Jedlička told Bitcoin Magazine.

The evolution of self-defense capability will ultimately decide.

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