Quotable (#93)

Xavier Marquez takes a detailed look at perceptions of democracy around the world:

… I find public opinion about democracy quite puzzling.

It’s not that people don’t like democracy. On the contrary, public opinion surveys like the World Values Survey or the various regional “Barometer” polls (Latinobarometer, Arab Barometer, Asian Barometer, Afrobarometer) tend to consistently find that people really like the idea of democracy; asking about democracy is like asking about motherhood. …

In most of [the sixty countries surveyed by the WVS at various times between 2011 and 2014] (including many countries most people would classify as “authoritarian”), more than 75% of the population says that having a democratic system is a “very good” or a “fairly good” idea, while only small minorities claim democracy is a “very bad” or a “fairly bad” idea. In the modal country, in other words, large majorities are “pro-democracy” in some abstract sense. Nevertheless, these same majorities are not always very discriminating about what they consider “good” political systems. In some countries, large numbers of people agree both with the idea that democracy is a good form of government, and that having the army rule, or having a strong leader “that does not bother with parliament and elections” is also a good thing.

Vast rafts of data follow …

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  1. Of course 96% of the respondents have not even had a single thought that the USA, held to be the shining example of democracy, is a Republic. Ill informed and idiots if not neo socialists.

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