Soft War (II)

Is this going to be the way great power rivalry is expressed in the era of installed Cyberspace? (Via.) It certainly captures a lot of the important stuff.

From the SCMP article:

US president Barack Obama has issued an executive order declaring a national emergency due to the threat posed by cyber attacks. … The move comes after a massive distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack on GitHub, the US-based open-source code repository. According to researchers, attackers hijacked widely used analytics tools offered by Chinese search engine Baidu to redirect visitors to thousands of websites to GitHub, flooding the site’s servers. (In a statement, Baidu denied that its services were used in the attack.) […] Hackers were targeting two anti-censorship tools hosted on GitHub and created by activist group GreatFire, whose own website was hit with a severe DDoS attack earlier this month. […] “Based on the technical forensic evidence provided above and the detailed research that has been done on the GitHub attack, we can now confidently conclude that the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) is responsible for both of these attacks,” said GreatFire’s Charlie Smith (a pseudonym) following the GitHub attack. […] “The Great Firewall has switched from being a passive, inbound filter to being an active and aggressive outbound one.”

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