Craig Hickman raises an intriguing question:

In fact one wonders if [Reza Negarestani] is even thinking of humans at all, but rather of those future artificial beings that might replace us: “The craft of an intelligent life-form that has at the very least all the capacities of the present thinking subject is an extension of the craft of a good life as a life suiting the subject of a thought that has expanded its inquiry into the intelligibility of the sources and consequences of its realization.” The notion of a Craft of Intelligent Life-Forms? A utopia of robotic life-forms where the Good Life is one without humans, a perfectly programmed world of robots and environment where the only good is autonomous thought, revisable and autonomous – autopoetic and allopoetic?

Is the difference between Right and Left accelerationism ultimately reducible to the merely nominal decision as to whether we call the thing that’s coming ‘us‘?

(FWIW I doubt it — because controversy over the functionality of competition isn’t so readily soluble — but it’s good to see the question being asked.)

Here‘s the Negarestani essay under discussion.