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The “national capitalist” is a concept that arises in the Marxian tradition, but has also (recently) acquired a very different valency elsewhere. Countries come to appear as estates.

Quotable (#70)

Matteo Pasquinelli on cognitive capital:

Since the times of Smith, Ricardo and Marx, capital is clearly a form of computation. The apparatuses of capital describe by themselves a complex mathematical system. After WWII the numeric dimension of capital has been coupled with the numeric dimension of cybernetics and computing machines, then gradually subsuming also upcoming forms of augmented intelligence. Capital, as a form of accounting, as a form of exterior mnemonic technique, is in itself a form of trans-human intelligence. Capital, on the basis of all its numeric procedures, from layman’s accounting to sophisticated algotrading, is an institution of computation.

Twitter cuts (#28)

Jehu continues in his lonely struggle to demonstrate that Marxism can still think:

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