Twitter cuts (#122)

This is what the rancorous Brexit controversy — and catabolic geopolitics in general — looks like when the option between integrative connection and disintegrative disconnection is elaborated, without reference to the diagonal line (of connective disintegration).

Zizek is worth referencing on the same conundrum.

4 thoughts on “Twitter cuts (#122)

  1. You know that if that diagonal works, we’ll somehow get the other. Disconnected integration like a human zoo.

  2. @ianbremmer
    Events threatening the US-led global order:
    1 Cuban Missile Crisis
    (big gap)
    2 Brexit
    3 2008 Financial Crisis
    4 US reaction to 9/11

  3. Strangely, or should we say typically, the Left will not accept the fact of its own lackluster performance, and now are surprised and dismayed that they are what they always were: losers. It always amazes me that these academics can spout so much inane rhetoric, insanely castigate the right without realizing they should take a look in the mirror of their own stupidity and superficial philosophical pandering. Of late its just become a sickness that no longer need diagnosis, but cure…. that’s the problem, now that the cure is being handed to them they can’t take it. They think the cure’s a joke, a bad dream; not knowing that it is neither dream or nightmare, but the scourge and fire they could not light up themselves. And, your right, Zizek seems more the realist and centrist of old, neither denying the truth nor hiding in the shadows of some stupor, but rather pointedly saying; “sink or swim, time”… either get up off your flipping arses and do something, create a project or quit yelping about how bad the bad boys are. Fuck the Left, I’m so sick of the bellyaching crapology. When I take a long hard look at the projects of the Left what have we: a bunch of lame, malfunctioning, corrupt dictators who enslaved their people, killed off millions. Look at Venezuela? Want that?

    Rereading Molbug I have to actually agree with him on most of his surmises… just wish he wasn’t so frekking long winded… someone needs to edit and compress his message. Watching the UK is like watching a preview for the coming attractions here in the good old U.S.A. A sort of hollowed out version and prelude for the final act that hopefully puts a nail in the coffin of the Cathedral. Collapse in the offing… even if that means adios for yours truly… worth getting rid of the whole she-bang in one fell swoop. If there is any superintelligence in the offing… I sure hope it’s nothing like us. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. Ok, the steams primed and ready, pulling the plug…

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