Twitter cuts (#124)

(Massive tweet-storm follows that is too long to reproduce, but well worth your time.)

The “national capitalist” is a concept that arises in the Marxian tradition, but has also (recently) acquired a very different valency elsewhere. Countries come to appear as estates.

4 thoughts on “Twitter cuts (#124)

  1. Justin Pickard ‏@justinpickard Mar 9
    All too easy to imagine a post-#brexit UK as the unhampered testbed for a zero-safety-net automation of all the things.

  2. The neo-aristocrats can’t hide themselves forever… who will put a stop to all this fun? Decadence is a playground for murder and mayhem: the psychopaths in charge are having way too much fun duping the mass to stop now and reveal their puppet strings.

  3. Jehu seems to be arguing that, in Marx, the ultimate result of capitalist development is something like Burnham’s managerial revolution.

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